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Hackney is a London Borough, and is in inner London. The new London Borough of Hackney was formed in 1965, after the merger of two small London Boroughs became one. The two Boroughs merged to form the London Borough of Hackney were Stoke Newington and Shoreditch. The London Borough of Hackey was one of the six London Boroughs to host the London summer Olympics in 2012, with several of the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Parks falling within its boundaries.

Population pressure has increased greatly, due to post-war development and immigration since the late 20th century. Many warehouses have been red eloped and made into flats to home people in this ever-growing borough.

Travel within the London Borough may be a little more challenging than in other London Boroughs as there is only London Underground station, situated on the Piccadilly line. However, there are still three overground stations that serve Hackney along with frequent buses

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