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Canvey Island is a civil Parish and reclaimed island in the county of Essex. It is separated from Essex by a series of creeks and lies just above sea level. This means that the island is very prone to flooding as a result of strong tides, but even so, it still homes nearly 39,000 people. Between 1911 and 1951 the Island saw more people due to the growing seaside town, until 1953 when the North Sea Flood devastated the island, killing 58 people. Since then, their sea defence has changed dramatically and is now protected by 2 miles of concrete sea walls.

Canvey Island has multiple shopping areas and are currently undergoing a £50 Millon renovation to improve the shopping facilities already in place. Canvey Island currently operates a small multiscreen cinema that opened in 1990. The Island has two of its own semi-professional football teams. The Oldest of the two clubs was founded in 1926.

Travel is easy, even though it would seem to be tougher due to being an island. There are two bridges, connecting the island to the mainland, which are in constant use. The island does offer train and bus services, but they may be a little less frequent.

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